Filip Kalkowski

Born in 1979 in Gdańsk. He has received his diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in 2006 in the atelier of Professor Witosław Czerwonka, and the annex in the atelier of Professor Zygmunt Okrassa. Painter and video artist, his works encompass also posters, printmaking, sculpture, drawing and music. He is a co-founder and initiator of the KIT Gallery in Sopot, together with Joanna Rusinek, they also form the artistic group Wolny Związek Zawodowy. He has published his paintings prominently featuring Gdańsk as press advertisements for Newsweek, Przekrój, Gazeta Wyborcza or Wizzair Magazine. His works are in private collections in Poland and abroad.


Installation, PGR Art, Gdańsk Stocznia

Collective exhibition of graphic art, Lipsk, Germany
Collective exhibition of litography, The Cyprian K. Norwid Public Library, Elbląg, Poland

Poster exhibition Feta 2008, “Plama”, Gdańsk, Poland
“Art picnic”, Stary Rynek Oliwski 3 Studio, Gdańsk, Poland
Action “Wet paint”, Gdańsk, Poland
Collective Painting Exhibition „Music painted“, Art Palace, Cracow, Poland
Publicacion of the paintings with Gdańsk in main theme as a advertisement – Newsweek, Przekrój, Gazeta Wyborcza, Wizzair Magazine

Painting exhibition, Triada Gallery, Sopot, Poland
Painting exhibition, State Art Gallery, Sopot, Poland

Painting exhibition, Art Gallery, Ostrołęka, Poland
Painting exhibition, Schody Gallery, Warsaw , Poland

Contest exhibition, II Painting Triennial „Animalis”, MM Gallery, Chorzów, Poland
Art camp exhibition, Grodno Exhibition Hall, Belarus
ArtLoop Festival, Sopot, Poland
Installation in public place, Sopot, Poland

Painting exhibition, Grodno Exhibition Hall, Grodno, Belarus
Painting exhibition, Mostowa ArtCafe, Kraków, Poland
Painting exhibition, The Modern Art Center, Suwałki, Poland
Painting exhibition + Filth of mankind show, Sopot National Art Gallery, Sopot, Poland „Armenian Palette 2012” Art symposium, Odzun, Armenia (in cooperation with Sopot National Art Gallery)
Painting exhibition, On Hall Galery, Gdańsk, Poland

Painting exhibition, Van den Berg Gallery, Warszawa, Poland
Through the eyes of a Rider of the Apocalypse, installation, Streetwaves, Gdańsk, Poland Collective exhibition „I like it II”, National Art Gallery in Sopot, Sopot, Poland

Painting exhibition, Galeria Szalom, Kraków, Poland
Art camp exhibition, Galeria R & A, Wilno, Lithuania
Collective exhibition „Widnokrąg”, Zatoka Sztuki, Sopot, Poland
Collective exhibition „Testrakete 1.0”, Berlin, Germany
Performance „Eat your cross”, City Gallery of Gdańsk, Poland
Painting exhibition, CSW, Kołobrzeg, Poland (in cooperation with Sopot National Art Gallery) Art Residence, Fresh Eggs Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Painting exhibition Testrakete 1.0, FreshEggsGallery, Berlin, Germany

Painting Plein-Air, Vilnius, Lituania
Plein-Air exhibition, R&A Gallery, Vilnius, Lituania
Painting Plein-Air, Schwaan, German
Plein-Air exhibition, Kunstmuhle Schwaan, Germany
Art Residency Hotel „Dnister”- Draftsmen’s Congress,, Iwano-Frankiwsk, Ukraine
Artist’s Revolution 2, art plein-air, Fragneto-Monforte, Italy
„Palindrome”, collective exhibition, Sopot National Art Gallery, Sopot, Poland
Painting Exhibition, Lvov National Art Gallery, Lvov, Ukraine (organizer: Sopot National Art Gallery)

Painting exhibition, FreshEggsGallery, Schwerin, Germany
Painting exhibition, KIT Gallery, Sopot, Poland
Collective exhibition, „City/Human/Plant“, KIT Gallery, Sopot, Poland
Collective exhibition, NoBudgetShow, Stefan Gierowski Fundation, Warsaw, Poland
„This view has potential“, collective exhibition, Miasto Ogrodów, Katowice, Poland

„Collection of the National Gallery of Art. 2017 Shopping” National Art Gallery, Sopot, Poland
Painting Exhibition „Life is elsewhere“, National Art Gallery, Sopot, Poland


Polyphony 4: ĀTMAN | Interdisciplinary Exhibition Berlin
Painting and Drawing Exhibition Cafe Neue Liebe, Berlin ,Germany


Eine Frage der Zeit / KünstlerInnen aus dem Rechenzentrum, Kunstraum, Potsdam, Germany
Painting Exhibition / Polnische Institute Berlin, Germany

Scholarship of the President of the City of Gdansk „Fund of Mobility”
Cultural scholarship of the President of Sopot City

Cultural scholarship of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodship

Cultural scholarship of the President of Sopot City